Beaufort House is more than just a residence; it is a safe, happy and loving environment for all our residents.

Where dignity and respect come first

Continuous training for staff a priority to deliver excellent individual care to all our residents. We treat our residents with respect and dignity and empower them to lead fulfilling lives. We are supported by a strong local network of GP practice, district nurses and other healthcare professionals.

"I like going into the lounge. It makes a nice change from being on my own and I enjoy the things we do together."

Residents feedback

“I don’t know how you find all the different ideas for things for us to do in the afternoons”

Residents feedback

“The people working here are very kind. I feel safer living here”

Residents feedback

Meaningful well-being programmes for all residents

Residents bring their own experience to enable us to create a tapestry of activities for personal enjoyment and social integration. A changing weekly programme including reminiscence, music and gentle exercise.

Dedicated & experienced team

The team includes a registered manager, deputy manager, senior carers and care assistants, estate coordinator, activities coordinator, cooks and domestic staff. Together, we strive to provide the best possible care and environment for our residents.

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